пятница, 5 сентября 2014 г.

WordPress 3.9.2- XXE through media upload (WAV ID3 tag)

Recently WordPress patched XXE vulnerability http://wordpress.org/news/2014/08/wordpress-3-9-2/ which were found during @ONsec_lab security audit of another one web-application.

Now time to describe this vulnerability in details!

The reason is GetID3 library which included into WordPress by default:
521     public static function XML2array($XMLstring) {
522             if (function_exists('simplexml_load_string')) {
523                     if (function_exists('get_object_vars')) {
524                             $XMLobject = simplexml_load_string($XMLstring);

Requires PHP 5.5.0- (simple_xml was patched to disable external entities since ~5.5.0)

To use this vulnerability attacker must have privileges to upload Media (editor privileges for example).

PoC is available at our GitHub repo: https://github.com/ONsec-Lab/scripts/blob/master/getid3-xxe.wav

5/12/14 vendor notified
5/15/14 vulnerability confirmed
8/06/14 fixed at version 3.9.2

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